WordPress Speed Up Service


A service that delivers a speedy WordPress site – leading to solid visitor browsing experiences, supercharged SEO and sky rocketed customer conversions.

Our WordPress Speed Optimization Services Enable You to Provide the Very Best Possible User Experience.

What do you get with the purchase?

  • Premium Cache Plugin Install and Setup.
  • Database Optimization & Cleanup.
  • Image Optimization.
  • Minify CSS and Javascripts.
  • Browser Caching.
  • Compression.


Solid visitor browsing experiences
With 47% of consumers now expecting the websites that they visit to load in two seconds (KissMetrics 2014), today your customers expect a fast, seamless experience when browsing across your website, and this must take into account the new ways in which people now browse, such as via mobile and tablet.Sky rocketed conversions
The speed of your WordPress website affects your bottom line and with every second delay you’ll experience a staggering 7% loss in conversions (KissMetrics 2014). There’s no doubt about it – a slow and lacklustre WordPress website is just plain old bad business.Supercharged SEO
One of the many ranking factors that Google considers when working out which website to serve up within its results is speed; and if your WordPress website is lagging behind on the performance front then this will undoubtedly affect Google’s vital opinion of where your website should appear upon the vital rungs of its search results ladder.

Happier customers, happier revenues
Not only do slow websites lead to increased abandonment rates, but they also extend to affect the happiness of your customers, with every second after that 2 second bottom line load time resulting in customer satisfaction that decreases by 16% (Forbes 2012).

Hosts love faster load times
Websites that are running at optimal performance put far less stress upon the serves that host them, and when your website can happily handle significant traffic without the need for server upgrades you avoid the need for expensive (and unnecessary) additional hosting costs.

Robust security
Sites that put in an optimal performance and provide better processing powers also help ratchet up the security of your website; most specifically this service can help protect you against both SPAM, as well as DOS attacks – putting up a vital brick wall between your site and hackers and spammers.

WordPress Professionals who know the platform inside out
We are the go-to WordPress experts and we know all there is to know about this powerful platform, and all that it can provide for those who choose it for their online presence.
However we equally know that this is a platform that can become slow and sluggish overtime, as well as leading to errors and a website that simply does little to represent your business efficiently upon the World Wide Web.

Our service provides for an essential overhaul of the inner workings of your WordPress website, allowing you to harness all that WordPress could and should deliver for the world of customers that await.

This service delivers a seriously speedy WordPress website

Here’s just how we’ll power-up the performance of your WordPress website:
– Premium Cache Plugin Install and Setup
– Database Optimization & Clean-up
– Image Optimization
– Minify CSS and JavaScript
– Browser Caching
– Compression

Wondering whether your WordPress website requires this super speedy make-over? Not sure about what may be at the root of your WordPress woes? Whatever you need to know, and no matter your question, we’re on hand to help, provide advice and guide.

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What do you get with the purchase?

  • Premium Cache Plugin Install and Setup.
  • Database Optimization & Cleanup.
  • Image Optimization.
  • Minify CSS and Javascripts.
  • Browser Caching.
  • Compression.
  • Comparing before and after performance metrics.


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