WordPress Malware Removal Service

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Stop malware in its tracks.

The internet has become an increasingly dangerous place for your computer, with endless unscrupulous individuals looking to make money at your expense.

If your WordPress site has been blocked by search engines, the chances are that it has been infected by malware. Working under the radar, malware infections can be costly and disruptive, and nine times out of ten, you won’t even know that you have one until the damage is done.

With WpDart you can remove malicious script from your infected website and restore it, putting you back in control instead of the hackers.

The service includes:

    • Complete site and file inspection
    • The removal of all malicious code from your website
    • An update of the appropriate permissions set on your server’s directories and files.

Take back control of your website, with WpDart.



Is your website blocked by Search Engines and shows malware warning in the browser?
WordPress powers nearly 25% of all websites.  Unfortunately, it is a popular target for hackers and spammers.

Malware infections are costly and disruptive, and some website owners don’t even know their sites are being hacked.

Here are some signs that your site has been hacked.

#1. Your website is slow and crashes often.
#2  Unusual spikes  in traffic or bandwidth usage.
#3. Popups that you didn’t implement.
#4. Website redirect to another URL.

WpDart helps prevent malware attacks and remove dangerous malware code to restore a website.

What do you get with the purchase

  • Regain control of your site.
  • Complete inspection of all your website files for any malicious script.
  • Removal of all malicious code and files found on your site.
  • Appropriate permissions set on your server’s directories and files.

What we will require

  • Hosting provider information with control panel access.
  • WordPress Admin panel access.


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