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Is an annoying issue causing you to fall out of love with WordPress?

We will fix one single issue for $35. If we cannot fix the problem, we’ll refund the full payment.

Click below and after the payment is received you will be directed to a page for submitting the support request.



Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions and answers about our WordPress support service. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

What kind of issues can I submit?

Any issues involving WordPress can be submitted. Here are some issues we can think of

  • WordPress platform related errors.
    Few common WordPress platform related errors.
    #1:  Unable to Establish Connection with the Database
    #2: Your Blog/Admin is Displaying a Blank Page
    #3: Getting an Internal Server Error
    #4: WordPress white screen of death.
  • WordPress plugin errors/conflicts/installation.
  • WordPress theme errors.
  • CSS or Layout issues.
How long will it take to fix an issue?

Normally we will fix it within 24 hours.

What do I get with the purchase?
  • Fixing one single wordpress issue as requested during check out .
I’m not sure if my job can be done in an hour
  • If it feels like a one hour job just order one job, we’ll try our best to fix it or we will give you a full refund.  If you want to check before purchase contact us, we’ll give you an estimate.
What kind of issues can I submit?

Any issues involving WordPress can be submitted. Here are some issues we can think of

  • WordPress platform related errors.
  • WordPress plugin errors/conflicts.
  • WordPress theme errors.
  • CSS or Layout issues.
How long will it take to fix an issue?

Normally we will fix it within 24 hours.

  How do I get started?

Simply order a support ticket. You’ll be able to submit your task immediately. If you have more questions please feel free to Contact Us

  How long do tasks take to complete?

Many jobs can be done within hours. Some jobs may take longer depending on the nature of the request and workload. We strive to have, on average, completed jobs done within 1-2 business days.

Can you help me if I have been hacked?

Yes. We scan, and remove any issues related to your site being hacked. We have fixed price service for malware removal. You can order malware removal service here.

Do you support multi-site WordPress installs?

WordPress Multsite is not included in our regular price. Contact Us for a custom quote.

What do I need to provide in order to use your service?

It depends on what issue you have with your site. Some problems needs only WordPress Admin access, others may need WordPress Admin, Hosting Panel and FTP access . If you are unsure of how to provide us with those details go ahead and order, we will help you get the access we need.

Does it matter which webhost I use?

We work with most hosting providers. If you’re looking for a quality hosting provider, we can make some recommendations based on our your needs, and our experience and testing.


  1. Sherry

    This company is completely legit! They fixed all of my issues in a timely manner. Best of all they really communicate, so you know what is happening. They also respond to messages fast.

  2. Anita

    110% satisfied! They fixed my seriously broken WP site in short order. They didn’t even complain about all my futile efforts to fix it myself, which locked it up pretty tight. I am totally impressed; will use again and highly recommend to others.

  3. rthomas

    I was very happy with the result. Very fast and economical support. I will use Wpdart for all matter like this. Highly recommended.

  4. jillsilverman

    Wow! Quick, professional, accurate…genius fixes to problems. I HIGHLY recommend the service. Everything completed in 1/2 hour after 9pm. Saved me some business.

  5. generaloliver

    I completely concur with all positive reviews… THank you WPdart. THEy are the best !

  6. Paul V

    Without a doubt, the best Word press repair service on the net. Issue sorted in a few hours. Would highly recommend!!

  7. maria

    very helpful and fast thanks so much!!!

  8. 247ergo

    This is one of those companies that gets things done. They not only get it done but their quick turnaround is the best I have seen! Within 3 hours they had my WordPress issue resolved. These guys are highly trusted!

  9. Don

    Problem was fixed quickly and I was very happy with their service.

  10. tbaetzel

    They got my problem fixed the same day while I got other things done. They focused on exactly what I needed – there was no beating around the bush. A terrific value – thanks!

  11. Pete

    These guys are really good They fixed my problem quickly and it now works great I highly recommend them Pete

  12. Sergio Caveyo

    Thank you so much for your quick, professional service. Definitely going back for help if we have any issues in the future!

  13. gabriele

    I have to thank you again, fantastic, professional and fast service. It is the second time I used you and you have been excellent each time in solving my different WordPress problems.

  14. James

    This company is top notch! The unbelievable fast service was truly the best I have ever seen. I would recommend WPDart to anybody looking for WordPress help. They get the job done!

  15. madcownews

    It’s a big relief to be able to have a professional make changes that would take me hours to half-learn. And at an affordable price.

  16. Mark

    Fast, responsive and fixed. Great service!

  17. Jonathan

    I had an issue with unwanted text at the bottom of my home page (I don’t know the technical name for it – but it was back end analytical stuff that should not be seen by visitors) and I emailed and within a couple of days (it was not flagged up as urgent) it was resolved without any fuss. I’m delighted.

  18. grant

    I had a issue with my WP site and have been trying to sort it on my own for the last week. Within an hour of contacting WPdart my issue was sorted. Very professional service service and will definitely use you again.

  19. Sonora Pines Guesthouse

    The issue was resolved in an efficient and timely manner! Thank you so much!!!

  20. Dalal

    Thank you so much! I’m so thankful for your company. These little things would go undone without a fast and affordable solution.

  21. welcome

    Great service, quick updates and good communication. Really appreciated there help after our company updated WordPress editions and encountering an issue. Thanks!!

  22. Pacitti

    They were super nice to work with, I am impressed how they could fix this! I will use them again.

  23. info2

    Very fast and affordable service. Highly recommended.

  24. manager

    Very fast and effective service!

  25. Kelly

    Awesome service, they were able fix my WP “white screen of death” overnight. Will definitely be back again – thanks guys!!

  26. gabriele

    Fantastic Service. I tried for days to sort a problem on our WordPress website. In less than an hour it was solved from this great WordPress support.
    I can only recommend it. Thank you again.

  27. radikall

    I was trying forever to fix an issue with wordpress with woocommerce, fortunately I came accross this company to help me. My website is now working as it should. Don’t hesitate to contact these people for your issue.

  28. thederekwilson

    Very fast a knowledgable. They fixed my issue with social share buttons in a snap and answered all of my questions.

  29. wahlavaty

    When it comes to technology I am being drug into the 19th century kicking and screaming. They hung in there and worked with me until the fix was made. I have already ordered more services. Perhaps the 20th century won’t be so bad when I get there.

  30. Phil

    I can’t believe how helpful this company is. I was doubtful at first because my website was in such a state. However to my amazement they were able to not only sort the problem but they managed to make it better. I was so impressed with the speed of the service i ordered another issue which i was having with and this was sorted again. The response time is very quick. I’m so impressed. Will recommend to everyone. Well done.

  31. Josanna

    Great, fast service. Very responsive. Got exactly what I needed, and couldn’t be happier.

  32. doina.dobre

    Great help, professional, quick and at an excellent price! I am very pleased with the services; I will come back for sure, every time I will have a WP problem! Thank you so much!

  33. Philip Johnson

    Fantastic service, and cost far less than I was quoted by wordpress developers near me here in the UK. The upgrade took little more than a couple of hours and everything is working perfectly. Thanks so much!

  34. support

    I signed up to WPDart today and they have already fixed my issue. Thank you so much for the speedy service….will definiately use your services again.

  35. Ryan

    Very responsive and they were able to fix the problem that I had within an hour. I had a last minute bug shut down my wp site and wpdart was able to get the problem fixed in time to show the client their website later that day.

    Thank you.

  36. AuctionsMania.com

    Awesome service and very responsive. I would recommend wpdart.com over any other WordPress support site!

  37. Nicole

    I can’t thank you enough for the prompt service you provided. Everything that was broken on my WordPress site was fixed in a matter of hours.

  38. Brian

    Great service. Very happy with the excellent communication and promptness.

  39. Paul

    Professional. Efficient. Helpful.

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