WpDart WordPress Starter Subscription Service


Simple support right from the start.

WordPress has become a universally popular web platform for its ease of use, but whether you’re using it for business or pleasure, you will undoubtedly meet occasional problems.

The WpDart Starter Wordpress Maintenance Plan has been created to be a little helping hand to keep your WordPress site up and running even when you encounter problems.

Just like the Basic subscription service, this plan provides you with daily remote site backup, alerts whenever your site goes offline, and a database optimization service. Then for added reassurance, you can receive any necessary supplementary help for problem-fixing with a reduced price support ticket ($25 per ticket, versus the standard $39).

Stay in control of your WordPress website, with the WpDart WordPress Starter Subscription Service.
The service includes:

  • Daily Offsite Backup.
  • Database Optimization.
  • Uptime Monitoring.
  • Reduced price Support Tickets ($25/Ticket).

For even more support, check out our Standard and Premium Subscription services.



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