What’s Next After WordPress Installation?

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what's next after WordPress installation

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What’s Next After WordPress Installation?

You might think that WordPress installation is the final step in launching a customized website, but in order to have a healthy, protected site—you need to think about maintenance, too.

If you’re busy taking care of your business (and you’re no WordPress expert) outsourcing WordPress maintenance can save you some major headaches. Not only does it keep you out of the tedious details of fixing bugs and updating plugins, but it allows you to get back into big picture thinking so you can focus on leading your company to success.

So many times we’ve heard people say, “My WordPress site looks fine. Why should I worry about it until it breaks?”

Well, here’s the thing: Just like your car or your smartphone, your website needs regular maintenance to run smoothly.

Here are some specific measures you should consider after wrapping up WordPress installation.

Bug Fixes

Sometimes a bug or a glitch in your WordPress site will lead to images displaying incorrectly, disabled features, or worse—your site crashing. Having a resource for regular WordPress bug fixes means that you have someone you can count on to catch those errors before they become a problem. With on-going WordPress support, you don’t run the risk of an embarrassing website glitch that makes for a poor representation of your brand.

Malware Removal

All across the web, there are more than 1M new malware threats each day, according to CNN. If your WordPress site hosts any client information, you need to be sure your site is secure, updated, and protected every single day. Without support from a team that is constantly monitoring your site’s security, you run the risk of inviting hackers to steal your data.

Data Backups

There’s nothing worse than losing your website data that you’ve worked so hard to get up and running, so working with an external provider who can store your site data via a remote server means you can rest easy. Whether you opt for daily or weekly backup support, this maintenance activity ensures you never lose your website information.

WordPress Upgrades

WordPress is a living and breathing platform, which means updates are frequent. Missing important site updates can mean disabled plugins that you need for everything from email address collection to forms that bring in new customers. After WordPress installation, it’s important to make regular upgrades part of your website maintenance plan so you don’t miss a single potential opportunity.

After WordPress Installation, Think Maintenance

When it comes to your website, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is just not the right strategy. You can’t afford to miss out on money-making prospects that are lost due to a broken website. Be proactive about maintaining your WordPress site (and you’ll reap the benefits.)

Working with a provider like WPDart, you have an on-call resource for all of your WordPress-related questions and can rest assured that your site is secure, updated, and functioning at top performance levels.

Have questions for us? Feel free to get in touch.

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  1. I have multiple WP org sites on Genesis up and cut the cord with the technical part of my team. I have a list of clients in wait I create the style and imagery looking for someone to maintain point servers etc. I’d like to build themes too. I’m very driven but will not work with the individual I was so generous to before it’s easy work I gather the components and you put everything into place hrs bilked me for over 10 thousand on 2 sites I which I paid for everything and styled I need help

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